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Being the Glue: The Role DevOps in Testing

Beth Clarke

In the fast-paced realm of software development, the shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ is reshaping testers’ roles. In this talk, Beth Clarke will discuss how DevOps practices can empower testers to play a pivotal role in ensuring product quality across the entire software development lifecycle and within the broader business ecosystem.

Beth will explore how DevOps can elevate the game in test monitoring and reporting: discussing effective strategies for communicating test activities to diverse audiences, and explaining how DevOps values such as collaboration and user focus can also help testers act as the bridge between technical and non-technical stakeholders to help teams work together towards their goals in more efficient ways. The talk also sheds light on the critical roles of documentation, code reviews, and tooling within the DevOps framework, emphasising their contributions to maintaining transparency and fostering seamless collaboration between test and development teams. She will also discuss use of metrics in DevOps, balancing their potential for improvement against the risk of misapplication.

Beyond the tech, this talk will highlight the transformative impact DevOps can have on organisational culture. When managed correctly, DevOps and testing can help to foster a culture of openness and quality within teams. Beth shares insights on how testers can use DevOps practices to contribute to collaborative environments, breaking down silos, and instilling a mindset of continuous improvement. Understanding the cultural shift induced by DevOps is pivotal—it goes beyond processes and tools, fundamentally reshaping how teams collaborate to deliver high quality software.

In the heart of “Being the Glue,” Beth invites testers to consider the multifaceted nature of their roles and how DevOps plays a part. It’s not just a position—it’s a mindset, a commitment to collaboration, and an embrace of continuous improvement. As organisations navigate the ever-evolving software development landscape, these insights become a compass, guiding testers not just in ‘doing’ DevOps or testing, but truly ‘being’ the glue that binds development and testing together, forging a path toward excellence.


  • Understand what DevOps is and how it empowers testers
  • Enhance test monitoring and reporting with DevOps techniques
  • Transform your team’s culture towards quality and collaboration